Virtual Terminal for Salesforce

Virtual Terminal is a Lightning Component that enables Salesforce users to add cards and process payments seamlessly. It’s fully configurable, works with any object in both Classic and Lightning Experience.

How I started

At Blackthorn, wanted to have an app which serves seamless payment solutions in Salesforce. Apart from they had solid visions and thoughts about how it should be working, I started to think in order to cover all use cases which would happen.

  • New single transactions
    • Add a new account
    • Add a new payment method
  • New payment schedule
    • EZ preset
    • Advanced Schedule
      • daily
      • weekly
      • monthly
      • yearly
  • New payment without transactions

How I designed it

Since there wasn’t any kind of usable design library for Salesforce Lightning Design System, I had to create our own in order to cover complex business problems, validate, and get the UI design done quickly. I was creating it in Sketch. I was reading the documentation of all Lightning design components and started to build our library from the ground up. With complex, nested symbols I got it done successfully.

After this one month challenge I was able to start to work on virtual terminal’s UI design beside many other Salesforce application that the company needed to be built.

The most interesting and inspiring things were the research, walking through and understand the operation of the whole service, sketching and build it up. The other was to build our own, unique, and well organized Salesforce Lightning Design library. It helped us a lot to model some issues, and have UI designs for services in Salesforce environment in order to launch them in the market as soon as possible.

You can get it on AppExchange